Recording to a personal cloud?

Is anyone aware of a way to record to your personal in home cloud?

Yes, there are a couple of options:

  • Install the RTSP firmware for V2 or V3 Cams, then configure the stream to go to your personal NAS or whatever. Lots of people do this.
  • Use an unofficial reverse engineered Wyze API 3rd party program like Tiny Cam Pro and configure it to record all the camera streams to your own personal hard-drive, or cloud or whatever. This can sometimes frustrate some people as the stream may cut in and out sometimes.
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The term “cloud” is bad enough but let’s please not use it to refer to its near polar opposite, a home server.

“Cloud” services are spread across multiple servers, almost always Internet accessible, and almost always in someone else’s data center.

As carver describes there are lots of ways to do home recording of Wyzecams - I just use TinyCam Pro on a tablet with no additional storage. I port forward its web server for occasional outside access. Others have much more complex setups, use NVR software like BlueIris and/or Home assistant/Frigate setups, etc.

However, note that Wyze products are NOT really geared toward this “use case”. They work best with Wyze’s cloud services and require Internet access to work.


Yeah, I guess when I read “personal cloud” I was thinking of something more like using something like Raid/Unraid in combination with a Cloud system like Owncloud, NextCloud, and many others where you have data distributed through multiple hard drives (therefore one burning out or crashing doesn’t cause you to lose any data), and having all the data still accessible through the internet, despite being stored locally at home.

Though, you’re right that colloquially many people are referring to “personal cloud” as anything stored locally at home, I was thinking more along the lines of OwnCloud/NextCloud type of NAS systems that are more cloud like…I’ve been considering doing this myself.

It is good to clarify there is a difference between Cloud and local NAS. Both can be pretty complicated to make use of for non-techies, and it’s definitely a good clarification that Wyze products are still Wyze-server dependent regardless. :+1:


Oh I have no doubt you understand. I just want to do my tiny annoying part in trying to stem the inexorable march of Da Cloud towards even more ridiculousness.

Anyway I have a little NextCloud instance and it’s pretty slick. A lot more stable than OwnCloud was, which I found a pretty crappy piece of work. (Yeah I know it’s the same code and devs but they really improved it.) It’s on a VPS but breaks my own definition above since it’s only one server. :slight_smile:

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Oh that’s good to hear that you found it improved. I was wondering which to consider, but after this, I will try NextCloud then when I eventually get around to making my own cloud-like option. :slight_smile: I’m okay with only using a single server though since it’s nothing extremely critical. The important thing is having data set up in a way that there is redundancy protection from crashes/hard drive faults, and saving paying someone else a huge premium for storage [that is easily accessible remotely anytime] that I can just do myself.

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