Using WYZE CAM V2, CanI record to local personal cloud storage on my network?

Using WYZE CAM V2, CanI record to local personal cloud storage on my network?

I second this request. I have a large server and I’d like to be able to record video to my server.

That feature is not available. I don’t know of any specific plans for it, but I’ll add your requests to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

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I too would like to record the video on my network.

Douglas, your request has been also added to the tracker.

I would also like to do the same

Vote added to tracker.

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Ah yes! I have seen how secure those clouds are. You know, where so many people have had their clouds attacked

and their data stolen. I much prefer to maintain my own data for such reasons.

It’s not possible to directly record to personal storage, but you can do it using an Android app called Tinycam Pro. The trick is you have to run Tinycam Pro on a dedicated Android device (I use a Fire 7 tablet, $29) and connect it to your Wyze Cams, then set it to record to your server. I have mine uploading to my NAS via FTP. It’s not as clean as I would like, but it gets the job done. As a bonus Tinycam Pro has a web interface you can use to view multiple cameras.

There’s a good writeup here:

Enabling RTSP would support this request.

What is “Enabling RTSP?”

I don’t use Android.

I (like 60% of this country) live in rural areas that do not have high speed internet which results in no high speed internet, no cloud storage, no streaming, etc.

Home networks are becoming the norm and developers need to remember this, thus the need to be able to back-up to our own home networks.

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I assume RTSP is not available on this cam?

You don’t have to use Android or your everyday phone, you just have to get an Android device to use as an “appliance”, sitting on a shelf dedicated only to recording video from Wyze cams. That’s why I went with a Fire 7 tablet; it’s cheap, powerful, supports 5GHz WiFi, and runs Tinycam Pro.

Correct, RTSP is not available on Wyze Cams.

RTSP support is one of the most requested features because it opens up the camera to work with any number of devices and third-party software (more choices for motion detection, recording, web interface, etc.)

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I would love my camera to be able to record to my network… please enable RTSP

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