Record to SD ONLY

It would be great to record locally only. Record to SD only. And how about the ability to directly communicate with the camera when there’s no internet? Being within range and no internet I should be able to view remotely.

There are ways to do this. For one, the WCO cams allow a Travel mode to stay totally local, but people rarely use it because most want some cloud/remote access.

Some other people will use 3rd party solutions like Docker Wyze Bridge, Scrypted, or Tiny Cam Pro to get an RTSP stream from the camera(s). Once the stream starts, they can disconnect internet access and the stream will continue to work completely locally without the internet. They can also have the stream record to a harddrive/NAS locally.

I see you tagged iphone-ipad, so I’d mostly recommend you look into Scrypted because they recently integrated the Wyze streams feature into their program, but they also have it built-in to add everything to Homekit as well.

Also, some people will set up a V3 camera on a phone hotspot, turn it on, make sure it starts recording, then turn off the hotspot and the camera will keep recording to the SD card and not the cloud. Then when they want to view the SD card recording, they just re-enable the hotspot and view the playback.