What happens with my saved and cloud videos after I give my Wyze cam to someone?

What happens with my saved videos and cloud videos when the new owner creates his account with the wyze? Do I loose it all?

I’m not fully understanding the question, can you help me better understand?

When a camera is set up to a new account, the (up to 14 days of) cloud clips do disappear. Before re-setting-up the camera, if you want to retain any of the clips, you need to save them elsewhere by using the share icon in the app.

Anything you have saved in the Wyze album on your phone is not affected by re-setup of the camera.

Any video on the SD card would remain on there, but you would not have access to it. If you have an SD card in the camera, I’d suggest keeping it. If not, then I’d suggest formatting before transferring the camera to someone else.