Will detection videos store to the cloud if also continuously recording?

We have our cameras set for continuous recording while the nanny is here in the house (8a-6p) and have them turn of automatically all the other times. I also have detection videos set up for 8a-6p. So my question is whether or not anything is going to store to the cloud if the camera is already recording continuously? So for example, the camera records continuously and nobody is in the room, but then someone goes into the room, will it record a clip to the cloud or will it only be on the SD card? I haven’t been able to figure out how to find my videos on the cloud, if they exist at all.

Hi, @dk69420. Welcome to the community! Yes! To see if you have any “event videos” stored in the cloud, tap the Events tab at the bottom of the Wyze app. All Wyze Cam’s include the free 14-day cloud storage for 12-second Event Videos. These videos are separate from the videos stored on your mSD card. See Continuous Recording


The Full Details Are Here In This Support Article

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Thanks. Does Wyze retain cloud videos in an archive that is not accessible to users after they reach over 14 days old or are they permanently deleted? Just curious for privacy reasons.

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You’re welcome! After 14 days, Event Videos are deleted and cannot be recovered.

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