Replace cam without losing history

I just ordered a v3 cam to replace one of my v2 cams. Is there a way to put the new cam in place using the same name as the old one so that all the history is maintained, and then just “reset” the old one to be used again under a new name?
Or is the only option to rename the old one, then give the new one the now-unused name?

The name means nothing to the cameras or the system. The history will stay with the physical camera.

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The app doesn’t care what names you use, you can even use the same name for all your cameras. It keeps track of each camera by its MAC address.

As for “history”, do you mean its event history? Do you realize it scrolls off completely after 2 weeks? Simply keep your V2 around for 2 weeks.

Completely forgot it only holds the history for 2 weeks.
Shows how often I need it anyway…

To add on, the cloud recordings will be saved until the 14 days are up. The micro SD card footage will save until the camera records over it.