Stolen wyzecam - cannot look at event history

Someone’s stolen my wyzecam. And when I log into the wyze app, it’s no longer listed as a camera. I also can’t see any event history for that camera.

Is there a way? Is this a camplus only feature? This is really bad. Thankfully nothing else was stolen, but I would have been gutted if other things were stolen with no way of seeing the event history.

I’ll buy another one, but would be good to have this issue looked into. Or maybe it is possible and I just don’t know how?


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Sorry to hear this! :frowning: Did the camera disappear from your device list all together? You didn’t delete it at all? How old were your camplus videos? I know the free cloud storage should stick with the account holder and not disappear when the camera is removed. I am looking into this further… Stay tuned.

Here is some related info…

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So in that thread Loki says once a camera is stolen and re-registered, all cloud event clips from it are gone - crazy, I did not know that. Then it says in 10/2019 there was a BETA app change to allow the events to remain.

Was it ever implemented in production?

If we’re using an older app and then upgrade, will the “lost” cloud events reappear?

There was an update for that issue, the camera can be stolen and moved to another account but any videos that were there should stay with the account owner until they are deleted at the 14-day mark

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report to Wyze service with the Mac address to disable the thief to activate tge cam.

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The app I have is the latest, and I still cannot see the history. Most likely the firmware needs to be upgraded.

I’m pretty sure I set all my wyze cams to have a static ip using the MAC address, so I may indeed try this. Unfortunately I still won’t be able to recover my footage.

You mention he’s camplus earlier in the thread, do you have camplus in the camera that was taken? When looking for the event videos, did you look back on previous day’s by selecting their day number at the top of the event tab?