Fixed? Events Unavailable if Camera Stolen

It was stated on Reddit that if a camera was stolen and attached to another account, the previous owner would lose access to their events. I was aghast this might be the case, so tested it myself by adding my camera to a friends account. My account could still access the events of the “stolen” camera, with the name displaying as the MAC address. So I assumed they were just wrong.

The I was linked to the forum where this problem was confirmed. Since it works for me, I’m assuming it was fixed. Can someone identify when and if this is currently in beta? I cant find it in the beta release notes.

I think I found it: “Made event videos available even if the device was deleted”.

This is a pretty subtle note for such an important change, considering that previously if a camera was stolen not only would you lose the SD card, but also the events when they attached the camera to their account.


Yea, looks like they fixed it, though I haven’t tried it for myself. Only improvement left for stolen cameras is to brick it if it gets reported as stolen, and or make it explode.

Yes, the is now in beta and at least one user reported testing it successfully.

Unless you mean me as the at least one user, you can now make that at least 2 users.