Readded cameras and lost events

I had issues with my cameras and had to remove then Re add them in the app. Now all of my events are not showing? Do you really lose cloud events if the camera is removed and Re added? It seems as if the event should come back because the event should be traceavle to the original camera, or they should at least sill be linked to my account? Did I really lose all of my cloud clip events? Please help

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Unfortunately, when you delete a camera from your Wyze account, all related events are deleted. I assume this is to keep the 14 day cloud-storage free.



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That is very disappointing.

Thank you.

You call it disappointing - I call it good. Not related to keeping the cloud storage free as Kenner suggested, but from a security standpoint.

If they are stored in the cloud for 14 days they should be linked to my account and stored for 14 days. It doesn’t matter is the camera is unlinked, stolen, destroyed. It has nothing to do with security if they are in the cloud and linked solely to my account.

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You should submit a request on the Wishlist part of the forum. This way the developers know it has been requested.

Thank you.

I added this already to the wishlist under “Prevent deleted cloud footage with reset/stolen Wyze cam”. it currently only has around 14 votes, but please vote for it as it is an important security feature!

Awesome thank you guys!

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Of course! :heart: