Find Stolen Cameras?

We had 5 cameras stolen. 4 Outdoor and 1 Indoor. There is no video showing them being stolen. No video for the past 14 days. Someone seemed to know how to steal them and remove the video somehow.

My question: Is there a way to find the cameras? Will they report their location or anything else when they come back online? What happens if someone attempts to add them to their wyze network? Or maybe the thief just takes the microUSBs and ditches the cameras.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kinda sucks that you could loose all of your cameras and not have anyway of seeing what happened to them or where they are.


You should still have event video in the events tab of the app, that’s stored in the cloud. Sd footage is lost however. The cams have no way to report their location. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do.

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The outdoor cameras will be useless to the thief. They are locked to your account and cannot be added to another without being deleted while active. I realize that doesn’t help much but it is additional information.


If you had your cams set to upload Motion Detected video, any motion events up until the time they were unplugged will be in the Events Tab unless the thief also disabled your WiFi or Internet prior to removing them. Do not delete any of the cams from the app. This will delete any history. Make sure you clear all filters in the Events tab to be sure you are seeing all of them.

The thieve’s aren’t that smart, they stole a Wyze Cam Outdoor :rofl::rofl::rofl:


When you say 4 outdoor cams are you talking about the battery powered WCOs? Or are did you have the V3 cameras powered by a wall wart mounted outside?

If they are the WCOs and you have an SD card installed in the base, copies of any events are saved locally on the base, if you had that option enabled. You will have to remove the card from the base and connect it to a PC to view the events.

They are the outdoor battery powered versions. They each had a microSD & the base has a microSD. But the Wyze app says when you turn on CamPlus, you can’t backup to the base. They were all on CamPlus.

Sorry, I did not realize it worked that way.

@WyzeJasonJ, can you tell us or find out why the backup feature was lost with CamPlus?

It has always been that way. Backup to base will not work with Cam Plus but it will work with Cam Plus Lite.

I now see that is how it works. When the WCO was first introduced, CamPlus didn’t yet exist. But, that doesn’t answer my question, what is the reason for disabling the feature with CamPlus? It’s not like it takes up any Wyze resources.

I do not see a message saying that it will not record to the base station.

I had the base station set up for a month or so and then about a week ago I got cam plus.

I do not see a place to select backup to base station but it is shown in my MicroSD Card Storage area. Weirdly the base station space taken is all grey and not teal for the amount that is displayed to be taken.

So did they remove the message and it is not backing up? I have the latest Android app.


It is on the Event recording setting page of the app:

I have the Recording Cooldown section. Then there is Maximum Video Length. Then nothing. I used to have the back up section but not now.

Must be different if you have Cam Plus. I’m using Cam Plus Lite.

You should at least have an event recording of the thieves approaching the cameras before they were able to disconnect them…

Making sure I understand what you said. So all the outdoor cams were CamPlus, but you can’t use the SD card in the base if a user is on CamPlus. Is that correct??? Why would they do that (I asked myself). SMH


WiFi jamming devices though they are illegal are very much used. I also have hard wired security cam’s but even then, electricity can be cut

So sorry to hear of your bad experience Leonard.
Can we assume they removed your cameras to allow them to steal something
of value?

I hate a thief! If you can’t get video or none exists from the cloud that would suggest this was done with internet connection down (purposeful or not). Were there any other cams they didnt take? Was this to cover up a burglary of more expensive items? (Thinking out loud)
Just weird to think someone would commit a felony residential burglary for a camera. I have my Wyce devices’ ssid hidden from broadcast and a “honeypot” broadcasting that goes nowhere being a standalone wifi hotspot and even though i live in an extremely rural area I still catch “wardrivers” with that honeypot. I found 2 guys parked on side of the road by my driveway last week trying to get on my “web thingy” with their cellphones, after i got a motion alert and video, because they told me they needed it after they ran out of minutes on their cellphones I have some cams at our two entances from different roads that are each a good 300 yards from my home and i am using directional antennae to get wifi to them and power them off solar/battery setups (LiFEpo 12v with bucks down to 5v). Ive been more concerned with battery or panel theft than cameras though. I have cam+ and sd cards but I also added tinycam pro with a local webserver on my LAN so if my WAN goes down i still have my Wyze cams recording to my local tinycam server on my LAN. With both my entrances secured with gates with remote openers, i used the garage door opener dry contact relay to open gates if someone comes up and used Wyze doorbells at each gate for “call buttons” and they work very well especially with the VOIP notifications i get a call to my cell. I guess i’ve gone overboard to some, but after living with 6meg dsl forever we finally got 1 to 2 gig fiber way out here in the sticks (which has been a lifesaver because with recent band changes by the cell providers here the coverage went from great to none to one bar) and Ive covered just about all of our 200 acres with wifi and Wyze cameras. Your WAN being down and no NAS on your LAN is the only way i can think they got all those cameras and not a single image was captured (or able to be retrieved). PERHAPS Wyze could maybe blacklist MACS of stolen cameras so if they ever tried to activate them… well that could go in many ways. Im assuming that Wyze has no way of doing that at this time? Someone correct me if i’m wrong. What would be poetic is if a reported stolen cam could be specially provisioned for the purpose of finding location and actually gathering photographs of the location. Then again it may be some poor schmuck who picked the cams up at a yard sale of pawn shop for a “good deal” and not the actual thiefs.