House was broken into, Wyze Cam was stolen

Okay, my house was recently broken into, & my “Wyze Cam” was stolen (among a lot of other things :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) & I guess my question is, if the Wyze Cam was to be activated by the thieves, am I, the original owner, able to track the stolen wyze cam? (Btw I did get the mf’s on camera before they disconnected & stole it.)


Dang! bummer! :frowning: Unfortunately no. If they or whoever the future owner is installs the camera on their account, it will disappear from yours. That is one way you can tell if its being used or not. The cloud events that happened will remain on your account in the event tab until the 14 day limit is up. So your best bet is to download whatever cloud event clips you want before they disappear.


We gave a long list of permissions to Wyze, tracking unit is not possible?

can wyze tract unit by mac?

may be Wyze should only allow adding a cam to new owner only if cam is de registered first.

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I’m sorry to hear this.

If you haven’t already, log on the app and get serial number and MAC address of the cam. At the very least you will be able to identify it if it ever turns up in a pawn shop or something.

In my state (Florida) all pawn shops have to take is numbers and photos when taking things from people. This way if the items are stolen they can track it back.

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I’m guessing this isn’t a Outdoor Cam but here is a post regarding registering.

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The “permissions” you granted were on your phone app, not the camera. The camera ONLY knows how to communicate on your WiFi. On anyone else’s network it would have to be reset and re-registered.

Still, it’s an interesting point that Wyze COULD track and report any such change.

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Thanks for all the feedback, I do appreciate it.

You might be interested in voting for this item on the #wishlist that is currently being researched, it is something that might have come in handy in this situation.


Wait what? If I give away one camera my account loses all clips taken by that camera? That can’t be right… I’ll check your linked thread.

…phew it really was that way but apparently that part was fixed.