How do I see the event when my cameras were stolen

My cameras were stolen. I went into the Wyze app and clicked on Events but see nothing to click for cloud storage or any such animal so I may see what happened. I read another post with the same question with 3 pages of the same answer, “it’s on the events tab”, but nothing else. If it’s on the events tab where on the events tab?

Sorry to hear that, it definitely sucks. Did you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite? If you had Cam Plus Lite only 12 seconds with 5 minutes cool down between recordings will be available. You might have to select the date when the event happened. If you are looking at the date when the cameras were stolen or after, the events page will be empty as the cameras were offline. Click on the date on the top and also toggle the filters under the funnel icon.

Good luck!