Renaming of network

I changed my Network name and password. From the default ones provided by my Internet provider. Is there a way to rename the Network and change the password. In my Android phone Wyze app. Without having to delete and reinstall all cameras and lights. Thank you, [Mod Edit]

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Been there, done that. Unfortunately there is not. Each device will need to be removed and re-added.

There is a wishlist item out there for this enhancement request. Give it a vote!

It says for “Camera” (requested 3 years ago) but the idea is for all devices.


That is only partially correct. Each camera needs to go through the setup process, but does NOT need to be deleted first.

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AH. Thank you for the add and clarification!
I just always removed.

Thank you for your suggestions and help. Mission accomplished just reinstalled them all. It was easy.

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