Renamed Camera no longer assigned a license

After renaming my camera, I noticed that it was no longer assigned a license. I have attempted to assign the existing license to the renamed camera through the app but the new name isn’t listed as a camera option to be assigned. The only available device that appears is “unassigned” which is not the new name for the camera (see image below). Can someone please address this.

You may have to “refresh” your apps memory in order for it to realize that the old cam name is gone and the new name is there. The Wyze app is prone to having a long term memory and not updating frequently. I use Android, so iOS may have slight variations. Try this:

  1. Account → App Settings → Clear Cache
  2. Logout of App
  3. Close app
  4. Force Close App from OS
  5. Reopen app,
  6. Login
  7. Test

If that doesn’t work, you may have to also clear the app cache from the OS after the force close.


Thanks a lot … I followed your steps and I can now assign the license to the renamed camera.


Awesome! Glad it worked!

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