Cam Plus reaasigned

The first camera assigned to Cam Plus died, I’m trying to assign it to the new camera but it’s not working. Ideas?

Welcome to the forums! What’s not working? What step are you getting hung up on? What camera (and it’s firmware version) are you trying to add it to? More info the better will help the troubleshooting process. Thanks in advance!

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Sure. If you want to re-assign your Cam Plus license to another camera:

  1. In the Wyze app, click on Account
  2. Services
  3. Cam Plus
  4. Edit
  5. Check the box of the camera that you want to assign the license
  6. Press Activate

You forgot a step, you have to 1st uncheck the current cam that has cam+ assigned.


Thank you all, I did all of that several times, and after two days of trying it magically worked. Nothing changed, it just finally allowed me to add the camera.

You didn’t mention above, but was your camera on a camplus trial? If left on the trial after the trial ends, it does take a little bit of time for the camera to show up to be able to be placed on a new camplus subscription.

For trouble shooting next time, do explain the issue and include as much info as you can.

It was placed on the trial though I didn’t request it. This was a replacement camera for the camera that died, and the previous camera was already on Cam Plus. If this is what typically happens, it would be helpful if it was noted on the app.