Remove the old Security system from ADT installed in the house

Patrons, I have ordered Wyze Monitoring system and devices. But, I would like to remove the security system from ADT in the house which was left by the previous house owner/tenant. Service is currently disabled.

When I reached out to ADT they weren’t accepting the un-installation request which is hard to believe. Anybody had similar experience with removing the devices? Does Wyze technical support help with this request? Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Unscrew their devices - don’t be neat, just cut wires. Leave them in a box on the front porch. Tell them that the box of their junk is there to pick up. If it’s not picked by trash pickup day, put it out in the trash. Tell ADT when trash day is.

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I’m not an attorney, but I had the same problem when I purchased my current house. I did get the advice of an attorney and ended up sending a certified letter (keep a copy) to the security company giving them 30 days to remove their equipment. After 30 days, I legally owned the equipment and could have thrown it out, but decided to cut the wires, rip the sensors and control unit off, boxed them up with another copy of the letter, drove up the street, opened the door and rudely tossed the box inside and left. Check your state, county and local laws about ownership of property after closing or consult an attorney because laws on this subject vary.

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I recently asked ADT the same Q. They told me to cancel the service, and, just keep my old skool physical equipment (there is no need to return the equipment). When I get my Wyze wyrkin’ the way I want it to, I plan to leave the physical ADT equipment as it currently is.