One of the worst experiences I have had with a company (Wyze Home monitoring)

Hey all,
So I’m an existing customer (as in I already have a home monitoring account and base station setup) and I wanted to order a second alarm.
The website took my through the process, I purchased it and that was that.

Well anyways I lost control over my existing setup. It’s no longer recognized as a valid service. I had NO idea I couldn’t have TWO alarm systems with Wyze. There was no point during ordering or setup that I was warned if I proceed with my purchase, my current setup would be de-activated.

Support chat was worthless, I had to repeat multiple times what had happened, they finally said they could have someone email me back in 24-48 hours if I had my Mac address (wtf I’m not at home, you don’t have it on file?) So now my home is not protected for at least 4 days while I’m trying to get my service back on.

This seems like a HUGE oversight from the Wyze team when ordering.

Wyze support is telling me I can’t re-activate my old service since I started a new plan WTF!? Why the hell would I drop 130 bucks on new service and stop my old service I already paid for?!

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Sorry to hear of your troubles. There should be a disclaimer of some sort especially if you are logged in with your existing Wyze credentials and are attempting to order an additional HMS system.

I am sure this is more service related than hardware as I run multiple Hubs.

Not sure if there is anything additional that can be done outside of what support has told you at this point. But if you could share your support ticket I will see if I can get additional resources to look into this a little more or possibly make updates that keep this from happening to others.

Note: I am not a Wyze employee but a volunteer here in the forum.

@WyzeRyan could you take a look at this please?


Thanks Matt.

Hi @whatnots , thanks for your support to Home Monitoring.
Unfortunately, our system can’t support multiple Home Monitoring as of now.

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