Moving and Leaving Wyze Products

Hello. I am moving and leaving my HMS componants and video doorbell behind. What do I need to do to make sure the new homeowner can use these devices? I’m guessing I just need to delete the doorbell in the app but not sure if the HMS is the same process or do I need to contact Wyze to disassociate myself from the service. I have canceled the annual subscription. Thanks in advance.

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Should be sufficient to delete the devices from your account and cancel the subscription to ensure you don’t keep getting charged for it.

You shouldn’t need to contact anyone if you do the above yourself.

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You deleting all the devices from your app should do the trick to disassociate you from the devices.

I have considered this as well but I have decided I won’t be canceling my subscriptions because I will be using new Wyze gear when I do move. I pay annually and don’t want to loose my locked in rate :dollar::moneybag:!

If I were buying with the knowledge that the home had a Wyze system installed, I would want some instructions left behind on how to get it running though :thinking:.

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