Remove or require confirmation of OFF button for camera groups

Be my guest use them as you security system then.

They are advertised on Amazon as a indoor outdoor video camera. If you really wanna think these are security cameras have at it. I use them for what they are. A video camera where I can view live feed and record motion events. I guess they would be sufficient for the dumbest of criminals.

They are monitoring whatever the heck they want to monitor. Good luck with a lawsuit on for turning your own camera off.

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If Mercedes puts a 10 inch button with a teddy bear on it in the middle of your car, and your daughter punches it when you are driving and you lose all power steering and brakes, who is liable?

The kid who punched down the 10 inch button? Are you a lawyer.

Also, I speak from experience. I had Amazon packages stolen. My outdoor camera caught the car driving past two times, my overhead caught the person walking up, and then the window caught their face. I guess that is shooting anything. The police detectives wanted the footage also, because? They can build a case for those same people stealing from multiple houses. See how that works? Pretty good for a backup camera. Probably why Wyze is marketing them as “home security systems”. Same cameras you and I have…

Now if this camera was not for security, there would be a huge disclaimer, the footage this camera takes is unreliable and should not be used for a security camera. It should be used only to film other things, things not like people who our ai picks up on or when your smoke detector goes off, it gives you an instant alert. That sticker would be plastered on the outside of the box and a peel off on the camera screw itself. Why? Because people are dumb in the USA and that’s being proactive for a company. The same way bleach has a warning telling you not to drink it.

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no need to get profane just because someone else loses control.
I agree they should change it so us “fumble fingers” don’t trip it so easily.

It is marketed as a indoor outdoor video camera. Go look on Amazon yourself.
You can call it a security camera all you want just watch those thumbs being you seem to turn them off everytime you open your app.

Oh I agree as well, about the off button being easily turned off. I have had it happen once myself. Funny how that’s all it took for me is the one time. Some dogs just can’t learn a new trick no matter how many times you show them.

Oh and Really?? [mod edit] Come on, I’m not the one turning my cams off every single time I get on the app.
Can’t we just agree to disagree?
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When your on the wyze app and you see a button that says OFF don’t push that, it will turn your cameras off.
Ok but seriously I’m just playing around, but I just disagree on the security cam part is all.
And if you look on Amazon the description says indoor outdoor video camera.

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If Mercedes puts a 10 inch button with a teddy bear on it in the middle of your car, and your daughter punches it when you are driving and you lose all power steering and brakes, who is liable?

Well now that depends, does this teddy bear button turn off the power steering and brakes??? If so putting a 10” teddy bear on the button would be about as crazy as using $20 wyze cam as a security system. I’m just playing by the way. I do agree if the off button is causing issues wyze should implement something in their next update.
It was the whole lawsuit thing I guess, it gets old when there are just so many things you can’t do anymore because everyone and their lawsuits. Ya can even let neighbors kids ride their bikes on your property anymore without the possibility of a lawsuit if someone breaks a fingernail.

I believe the v2 is marketed as an indoor camera because it is not waterproof. However, the v3 which uses the same app ui IS marketed as a security camera. They tout two reviews in the v3 ad which especially have the word “security” in it.

I also believe the v2 was not touted as security or changed because the imagery was so poor, compared to other hd or true 1080 4k cameras. They were just covering themselves because people will ask why the face is pixelated. If they go to court, they argue that the unit is not designed for the outside. Now with the v3, that is no longer an argument.

What kind of sensor can you purchase and put in a 20 dollar camera and still make money?

Faulty designs or features have liability. When made aware, it should be corrected. This is why a city or town is not liable if they do not know about a pothole, but once someone puts notice on that pothole, they are liable.

It is a good thing sometimes to make some noise, to get action to the benefit for all parties involved

Well yeah but…


Honestly, I am not sure why Wyze is even sticking to the 20 30 Dollar price point. When v3s were short in supply, many people were buying bulk for double the price. Would you pay more for a premium Wyze camera? I would. I wild happily pay ten or 20 dollars more for 5g wifi or a better sensor, why even tack on that cheesy light.

They should have divided the v3 into two versions. Do you know how easy it is to put the same unit in an one enclosure with the spotlight built in?

The second version could placed the spot light on top internally, in a difference case and the guts of the v3 underneath. Easy peasy. Everything could then interconnect inside with a ribbon cable. Why the USB y cables? It could have all been done internally. My spotlights sit in their boxes new because I really cannot justify the look or the y cable in the back.

High volume, low profit margins make sense when the competition is fierce. Who is setting these price points? The outdoor camera could have been SOOOO much better for ten or 20 dollars more. I really do not believe the ten dollar savings justify alienating all fanbois with a subpar product. I returned My outdoor cam

This can plus subscription mode is also pissing me off, when I was onboard originally and touted do free but now I have to jump through hoops to even buy product. I guess volume and lower quality makes more sense of they are going after a subscription model.

Once you get the subscription model in place, it will be recurring and then Wyze will get sold. Exit strategy. The users like us will be left holding the bag. IMHO anyway.

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I can’t disagree and said something similar when it came out. No 2K/4K? No onboard AI/person detection? Not even PoE? It could have been SO much better for 10 or 20 bucks more. The only cool thing is the low light sensor.

I have to agree here as well, sticking to the low price point isn’t nearly as important to me as solid performance and features. I started with wyze because of the low price point though and am now fairly well invested in them. I also have a eufy and absolutely love that thing. I’ve not had a single issue with it.

Confirm to turn off camera on app home page

App on IOS opens on home page and iOS devices have touchy screens and in the process opening app and selecting the events tab I inevitably touch a camera on button and turn it off and don’t realize it for quite a while, especially if it’s a camera that doesn’t get a lot of events.
If there was a confirm notification that came up that I didn’t notice and if not confirmed would leave the camera on would correct this inadvertent action.
Am I the only one that this happens to as I seem to do this quite often, even tho I try to pay attention not to do it.

I am voting for this, not only for camera groups but for individual cameras on the home page too.

It is too easy to accidentally click the On/Off buttons on the home page while scrolling up and down through the list of cameras. And then it is too easy not to notice you (or someone else you’ve shared the cameras with) has done so until many hours or days later.

I’d prefer the On/Off buttons weren’t displayed on the home screen at all. But other options such as requiring a long press or a confirmation message would suffice too. Another idea could be to add a setting, either account-level or per-camera level, as to whether or not to display the On/Off toggle buttons on the home screen.

While searching, I found these related wish list items which could possibly be merged with this one:

Oh my gosh yes yes yes please do this ASAP. I have accidentally done this (tapped the on light and turned cameras off) and my wife has done this a dozen times. Too easy to tap when scrolling through dozens of camera groups on an iPhone 13 Mini or an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Just too easy to turn them off quickly and not even notice.

May sound like a user error to you, but honestly I’ve trained myself to scroll only from the left side of the home screen because of this, but still a risk. I’m not sure you actually have to click the button as much as the whole ‘row’ on the device grid.

Whenever we leave the house we go into the app to confirm the cameras are on before driving away. that sucks. Also risky that we may click the off again.

You might be thinking why does this matter. Well, if you have security cameras, you might be trying to protect your loved ones or your property or other possessions. To leave your house and come back and find something wrong - like someone broke into your car - only to find out that the cameras were off most likely because you accidentally hit that stupid “On” button, you’ll be very angry at yourself, and at the App for making it way too easy to accidentally turn off.

Thanks for listening.

I’m no programmer, but this should be simple fix that could have been added to some of the recent or near future app updates

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