Move the ON/OFF buttons in the app slightly

Would it be possible or practical to shift the ON/OFF buttons to the left or move them into each camera with restart, delete. The second option I’m afraid someone will delete hence why I say shift.

I have 21 Wyze cams to monitor everything from Weather and timelapses every day to watching kittens and baby Possums. (Video is on reddit). I’ve found when scrolling to reach the top or bottom that I have been accidentally hitting the off button as I re-apply pressure for a swipe. This is annoying and has now cost me a good face shot of an unwanted visitor.

I’m an Wyze addict and need therapy when means buying more cameras.

Oh my gosh yes yes yes please do this ASAP. I have accidentally done this (tapped the on light and turned cameras off) and my wife has done this a dozen times. Too easy to tap when scrolling through dozens of camera groups on an iPhone 13 Mini or an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Just too easy to turn them off quickly and not even notice.

May sound like a user error to you, but honestly I’ve trained myself to scroll only from the left side of the home screen because of this, but still a risk. I’m not sure you actually have to click the button as much as the whole ‘row’ on the device grid.

Whenever we leave the house we go into the app to confirm the cameras are on before driving away. that sucks. Also risky that we may click the off again.

You might be thinking why does this matter. Well, if you have security cameras, you might be trying to protect your loved ones or your property or other possessions. To leave your house and come back and find something wrong - like someone broke into your car - only to find out that the cameras were off most likely because you accidentally hit that stupid “On” button, you’ll be very angry at yourself, and at the App for making it way too easy to accidentally turn off.

Thanks for listening.