Change the size/location of the ON/OFF buttons in the app

Would it be possible or practical to shift the ON/OFF buttons to the left or move them into each camera with restart, delete. The second option I’m afraid someone will delete hence why I say shift.

I have 21 Wyze cams to monitor everything from Weather and timelapses every day to watching kittens and baby Possums. (Video is on reddit). I’ve found when scrolling to reach the top or bottom that I have been accidentally hitting the off button as I re-apply pressure for a swipe. This is annoying and has now cost me a good face shot of an unwanted visitor.

I’m an Wyze addict and need therapy when means buying more cameras.

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Oh my gosh yes yes yes please do this ASAP. I have accidentally done this (tapped the on light and turned cameras off) and my wife has done this a dozen times. Too easy to tap when scrolling through dozens of camera groups on an iPhone 13 Mini or an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Just too easy to turn them off quickly and not even notice.

May sound like a user error to you, but honestly I’ve trained myself to scroll only from the left side of the home screen because of this, but still a risk. I’m not sure you actually have to click the button as much as the whole ‘row’ on the device grid.

Whenever we leave the house we go into the app to confirm the cameras are on before driving away. that sucks. Also risky that we may click the off again.

You might be thinking why does this matter. Well, if you have security cameras, you might be trying to protect your loved ones or your property or other possessions. To leave your house and come back and find something wrong - like someone broke into your car - only to find out that the cameras were off most likely because you accidentally hit that stupid “On” button, you’ll be very angry at yourself, and at the App for making it way too easy to accidentally turn off.

Thanks for listening.


Camera On/Off Button in App

On the Home page of the App for iOS, on the right can we get larger On/Off buttons because if I miss tapping the button by a tiny amount then the camera opens to Live View. It happens a lot, especially when I’m in a hurry to turn the cameras On or Off. I’ve noticed that if I tap anywhere in the white area outside of the button it goes to Live View for that camera. So maybe that entire area should be for turning the camera On/Off. and just the left picture side be to tap the camera to Live View.

make on off toggle from main screen harder to accidentally trigger

it is much too easy to toggle the cameras, so an option to remove the on/off toggle in the app would solve this issue for us.

My uncle has his lights stop working if the on screen control is bumped. he is not likely to even want to turn off the cameras, and he will always want the lights to function(another wishlist/bug report for that)

why I as a shared to person I can turn off the cameras is beyond me, but it did allow me to get him going again.

an are you sure dialog may be good enough for when toggling the cameras, it is just way too easy to disrupt the cameras. it is easy to bump the toggle. The are you sure dialog should be default, and an option to remove the dialog should be per group and or camera.

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Disable the circular tapable on/off buttons in the Wyze app in the settings for the app

I’d like the ability to disable the circular on/off buttons that appear on the right side of the entries for cameras and things like power switches. I have a family member that can’t help but accidentally turn on or off everything in the Wyze app. Getting rid of those buttons in the settings for their specific Wyze app would really be useful.

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When I first began reading this topic, I was confused about the request, but now I think I understand what @irox is asking for, and a visual might help:

Is that part of the thinking of the original post: moving those buttons laterally, as the arrows indicate?

Reading the additional posts here, one possible solution that occurs to me is the way myQ does it since an update sometime within the last couple of years. In the myQ app, the main screen shows the garage door attached to the controller, and that garage door icon acts as a big button:

Within the settings of the app, the user is given a choice about how to interact with that button:

The Press and Hold option requires the user to do a long-press on the button in order to open or close the garage door. If I press and hold the button for at least 2 seconds, then I get haptic feedback (the phone vibrates momentarily to let me know that the command is initiating) and then the door begins its open or close sequence, as appropriate.

I can totally see how easy it is to turn cameras off by mistake, and I’ve had the same experience with lights and plugs. If Wyze could add a setting that gives the user options regarding how the ON/OFF button works, then I’d be all for that. Even better would be if that could be a per-device or per-group setting. In other words, maybe I want some lights to have an easy one-tap ON/OFF toggle, but maybe I want to add that extra protection so that I have to press-and-hold the button for my camera or camera group. I’ll give this’n a vote.

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App camera On/OFF toggle

It the APP ever so often I lose a camera of my 9 Cameras. It happens by accident, I guess, when a sight finger touch turn of a active camera.

Suggest the On/Off and all toggles be a slider, a hold to change, or some method so accidental screen touches doesn’t turn of a feature as an unwanted change.

On button request

The on button for the cameras on the iOS app front page is poorly located. I’ve unintentionally turned off my cameras just by holding the phone. Can this be looked at and possibly redesigned?

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