Why are the On/Off buttons so tiny?

50% of the time when I try to press the tiny circular button I just get the device menu… it’s particularly frustrating for Wyze Bulb! I don’t have giant pudgy fingers and do have excellent dexterity… Function > Form please!

Strongly suggest the the On/Off become a square the entire height of the row… instead of this tiny circle that just wastes space and makes it more difficult to use. Or leave the visual button as-is but just expand the targeted area that dictates when it toggles the On/Off versus opening the menu if you just really prefer this circular look for some reason… I just care about it being functional and it’s just not as-is and quite frustrating.

Thanks for listening.

There’s a related Wishlist item for this:

I don’t know if or when it will ever see action from the developers, but that might be a good place to share your feedback!

Are you trying to use the on/off button? or are you trying to enter into the device menu?