On/off toggle for cameras too sensitive...need long press option

So I have a theory about why my grouped cameras seem to be going offline a lot. I have a theory that when I go into the app, when I’m touching the camera group to look at the live feed, that my finger is possibly pressing the ON circle, which I guess turns off all the cameras in one shot. We need an options to where you have to press this button for several second before it disengages…or some type of better visual toggle/slider switch. Just my opinion.

I’m not sure if they will create this option because the same app is used for wyze plugs and bulbs. It would not be as convenient to long press to turn off the bulb and plugs. I used to think it was sensitive too but I eventually got used to it and stopped accidentally hitting the off buttons. I attempted to request to get the buttons hidden from the homepage awhile back too. It would be nice to have an advanced option to do long presses for cameras and single presses for bulbs and plugs though.

It really would be good to have this option, so fat-fingering doesn’t accidently turn off cameras or activate/deactivate other functions. A user-selectable option to have a button require a confirmation click before toggling the function would be ideal.

At the moment it’s quite easy to accidentally fumble with your phone and turn off cameras. I have had family members unknowingly turn off our Wyze cams.

I would prefer if the on/off camera toggles were hidden behind a settings menu so no one accidentally presses it. At the moment these buttons are front and center in the Wyze iOS app.

Thank you.

Agree with all that has been said here. Voted.