Accidentally turning off cameras

Accidentally turning off cameras with homescreen on/off buttons… 2 Requests; 1) Make long-press feature to toggle off/on cameras to prevent this issue. 2) AND Ability to give/remove option of on/off button to other users that you have shared a camera with. Users with which you have shared a camera currently have ability to toggle off/on cameras. My specific experience was when I shared cameras with another user, the user was trying to turn off the notifications, but instead turned off the cameras… which turns camera off for everyone and then no footage recorded to review. I myself prefer shared cameras to not have ability to be turned off by other user. Thanks! Excellent products!!


I agree I should not have the ability to turn cameras off that are shared with me .
This falls into the same category you can go and vote for it here

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Making the on/off toggle as a long press option might be useful. However, I’m not sure they will implement that since it might be inconvenient for people using that to turn on/off the wyze bulb. I suggested having the option to have the toggle hidden but it’s probably not going to happen.

It really would be good to have this option, so fat-fingering doesn’t accidently turn off cameras or activate/deactivate other functions. A user-selectable option to have a button require a confirmation click before toggling the function would be ideal.