Shared users can turn my camera off

Have the floodlight v3 cam. I hate the On and Off button to the right the camera picture thumbnail.

Turns out shared users (my kids) can hit this button to turn the camera off.

How do I prevent this?

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The only way to prevent shared users from having that kind of settings control is to not share it.


Mind blowing. How is there no permission for this?

Anyway to get an alert in email or app if camera goes offline?

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The request for changes to the shared permissions is a very long list of supporters who have requested many times that the current functionality be changed. With over 1150 votes it is probably a top 5 request.

You can find all those requests, and add your own, to the following topic in the #wishlist. Vote for the overall request at the very top, drop some post votes around by way of like :heart: hearts, and add a post in reply to the bottom if you wish:

Wyze recently came out with an Offline Push Notification for the HMS Sense Hub. That is working well. The intent is to expand that push notification functionality to cams that go offline, however that is a much bigger nut to crack than the current customer base and stability of the Sense Hub. Right now Wyze is evaluating the effectiveness on the Hub and how it will react to being added to the cams. A few cams currently have some technical issues with false offline reporting that needs to get ironed out first.

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