ON/OFF Control Placement In Group UI leads to accidents

Does Wyze think its ‘wise’ to place the ON/OFF control icon so close to the users thumb in the camera group view?

I am not a UI designer, but I would think controls placed close to users facilitate frequent use. I can’t imagine scenarios where users need to frequently turn cameras off/on. The downside of the current placement is accidental turning OFF of cameras. Nothing worse than thinking your camera was on, only to find out it was off. So much for the evidence.

The control should simply be in a position to require more intentional use. What do you all think?

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@gemniii You’re not looking at a Group.

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My Aunt thumb hits the ON/OFF circle a lot, then I have to show her she hit the OFF button again…
It is a issue for some people

Maybe Wyze hires Interns to help with support. UI needs to be Focuses Grouped.

@gemniii did post a picture of the “group view”, you posted a screen shot of your “device list”. I do agree that there atleast needs to be a toggle to have that button visible or not. Here is a wishlist item:

Along the same lines but slightly different, this item. Vote if you agree!


@Omgitstony you see how many votes there are for those topics you mention. It will never get addressed at that rate… I so disagree with those voting methods… they never get the attention they deserve even from potential voters because users don’t generally know the topic exist.

But thanks for pointing them out.

That’s why mods, Mavens, other community members are helpful and link up wishlist items with posts such as this in the other section of the forums to help spread the word. Posts can and have been merged before to keep things tidy and keep similar convo together. If you ever have an idea for a new feature or similar, scroll through the wishlist section or use the search function to see if it has been brought up before. I searched and found another thread! Search is your friend. :slight_smile:

hello my Wyze cam wont turn on or connect to my internet

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Nobody from WYZE is here, just other users, some of whom are very good at solving problems. What kind of camera, how old is it?