Removal of RTSP is a deal breaker - Likely going to ditch Wyze entirely

In regards to (motion) sensitivity level, obviously the higher the better, but in my experience, with a sensitivity of 100, I still noticed many issues with premature video stops even when I felt there was still motion taking place. After a series of tests with sensitivity settings I discovered that a value of 70 gives me the best results with complete motion. Wondering if anyone else has seen the same results. For clarification, I am referring to the Event clips or Cloud recordings. Otherwise the SD cards are set for 24hr recording. I only use the Event clips to alert me to some activity.

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So if they steal the camera, they get the only video recording? Storing the video on an SD card contained in the camera itself is a pretty terrible solution.

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Theft isn’t the only application for these cameras. And my suggestion doesn’t mean all the other choices disappear.

If the real-time stream takes precedence, then Wyze would allow it’s users to users to use the Real-Time Steaming Protocol.

TL;DR: the attempted revenue grab from a closed-system cloud-based revenue stream takes precedence. And man, that is starting to backfire on Wyze, and Ring, in a big way.

The Tapo line has options that are less expensive, yet give you RTSP and ONVIF, and SD card, they try one quick pitch to buy their cloud thing, but skip in during setup and you’ll never see it again:

I too have begun my transition from WYZE for the very same reason. No RTSP, no more $$$ from me. Besides the fact my inventory of CAMs requires a daily power on tap because they refuse to stay online more than 24 hours, There are other fish in the sea. I have upgraded to Wainsview & SV3C and happy with my integration of BlueIris.

Wyze is not preventing you from loading RTSP.


Don’t get me wrong, I want, and use RTSP. I want it so badly that I use 3rd party solutions so I can have it with all my cameras. I have more than 40 cameras. None of them officially support RTSP, but I have it working on all them anyway. That includes basically every camera from Wyze. Wyze doesn’t prevent this, in fact they go out of their way to purposely ALLOW it to the point that they created a way for us to get an official API key just so we can do 3rd party things such as have 3rd parties enable RTSP streams.

There is a difference between allowing it (which they do), and wasting money and resources on actively developing and upkeeping it themselves (which they don’t), especially for something that doesn’t significantly benefit them and likely wouldn’t bring in enough revenue to even cover the costs they devoted toward it because their profit margins on hardware are razor thin. They recently told us in an AMA that they have actually had NEGATIVE profit margins their entire existence so far. So a few more sales of hardware isn’t exactly a huge incentive. Believe it or not, those of us who use RTSP are actually a small minority, and I say that as someone who DOES use RTSP.

As much as I wish there was statistically significant evidence to support this to push companies into doing things like RTSP for my benefit, I don’t believe this is the case. Both companies continue to grow larger and larger year over year with higher and higher gross revenue and more users. There will always be some attrition, but the growth is FAR outpacing it.

I will continue to advocate for RTSP because I want it, I use it, etc. I am at least glad that Wyze “allows” it, even if they don’t devote the resources to upkeep it themselves. I use it and I’m glad they let me use it. I do wish they’d officially implement it as a standard though.

Speaking of RTSP, honestly, I think Wyze should do something like allow customers bring RTSP streams into the Wyze app from any other camera company and allow people to pay for their cam plus AI to analyze the streams and do AI detections, etc. Then they could allow almost any other camera onto their platform and get revenue from it, etc. Let other companies waste all the R&D costs and resources in developing new camera models all the time and supporting RTSP, only for Wyze to steal their ongoing cloud revenue. I personally think it would be a brilliant offering if they want to expand their subscription revenue.

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I have 2 v3 cameras and do not pay for any Wyze services. Both cameras set up to record all
Events to my SD card. The card set on continuous recording meaning that all events will be recorded to the Sd card and I can see
Iup to 3 days of un interrupted continuous recordings of anything that the camera sees.
Works perfectly without having any cloud service. When I see any event of concern I go to playback and the Sd card captures everything before the event started and for up to 3 days/ 72 hours of uninterrupted recording.
No need to have cloud services as the Sd card you own is your cloud. Recently I captured
An event on Sd card showing a theft across the street from my house. Person was stealing my neighbors Christmas decorations. They left the decorations on the sidewalk. An hour later a truck came by to pick up the stolen decorations.
The sd card perfectly captured everything. I gave my neighbor a copy of entire sd card recording showing entire theft from start to finish. They gave recording evidence to the Sheriff dept. sheriff told them that the video was very good evidence
And it was what they needed to catch the thieves
The video of both people and the suv they were driving was very clear. The Sd card did the job.
Also was able to capture complete timelines when everything happened. Again no need
For cloud services.
Note: my neighbors were very appreciative
For me supplying them the video to this chrome.
Maybe I’m missing something. Why is the cloud required as it is just a storage of information that you are paying for. You can buy your own sd card and store all the info you want (depending on sd card capacity ) To me an sd card is much more reliable than any cloud service you pay for. Also when I bought my 2 V3 cameras several years ago , Wyze supplied a 32 GB sd card free with each camera.

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This topic is about RTSP, when is a software feature that allows you to send the live stream from the camera to different device for recording, displaying. Etc. Wyze had a few RTSP firmware versions for some cameras but no longer actively offer it, although it can still be found around the webs with other third party RTSP firmwares.

Did you mean to post in this topic?

I have an SD card. It’s still doesn’t capture some of the things that go on and some of the things I still out of order from the day before.

That would be a different issue than what the conversation in this topic is about, which is RTSP. I see you are replying via email, please visit this topic in a browser and see what the topic of discussion is about.

Yes I did want to post my info here as a lot people responded to your subject with regards
As to the how to use / benefits of their sd card.
If The sd card if set to continuous recording it will pick up everything the camera sees and it won’t need an event like motion or person to
Start the recording. The sd card stores everything that goes on so you will never miss a crime that the camera sees. It monitors real time action of what the camera sees without the need for something to set it off. There are waysYou can send the stored sd video recording to different devices. It will not be live stream but you certainly can send the stored video
Just after a crime occurred. Also on i phones you (may) be able to mirror live streams onto different devices. Not sure if this works.

You’re right, I’m sorry, there is in fact:

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Stream; Available with the API key. And that’s probably fine for most people. But if you’ve ever scrubbed video on scrypted with a true IP Cam offering RTSP/RTMP/ONVIF you immediately understand why multiple streams are so important. Flicking the mouse wheel and seeing hours of video scrub through, without skipping frames, is an amazing thing, and doesn’t require Ubiquiti or Blue Iris.

It requires a camera that allows those , And they are not more expensive. And they allow SD recording. They offer cloud storage and event sharing if you want it. And they are profitable.

I can’t upload it here because the updload limit of below 6MB is the most Wyze thing I’ve ever seen, 6MB is… well it’s small. We can all agree on that. So here:

Edit , I said hours. Probably going to rightfully called out for that , so here:

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