Relocated cameras

We have moved the cameras to a new location/ address and the cameras will not connect the scanned image in start up mode. We have 4 of 7 previously set up cameras that will no longer connect. the setup light blinks yellow and blue. Two of the 7 original cameras continue to work, one each in two different locations and different WIFI. One Comcast and On Verizon Vios.
whats the trick to reconnect

Hi @jcolimore and welcome to the Forum.
Have you tried to re-format the uSD card in the camera (if used) and remove the camera from your app?
The ISP shouldn’t matter as long as you are log into same WiFi as the camera.
Make sure the camera isn’t attempting to connect with a 5Ghz network (some used same SSID for 2.4Ghz & 5GHz).