Reliability of Doorbell camera captures

Does anyone else have issues with reliability of the video doorbell capture or event recordings?

When I first installed it, the motion sensor went off for every movement including a swinging tree branch, vehicle quiet a few feet away etc. The more I used it, I realize that even if I was going out of the house, coming back in etc., the event is not captured or recorded. Unless the people are hanging out for few mins in front of the doorbell it does not seem to capture it at all. Which makes me worried about trying to see who is approaching the door when am away or not looking.

On the other hand, I have lots of captures of empty frame with just the breeze moving a tree branch or leaves. So I am not sure if low or high sensitivity addresses this specific problem.

Does anyone have the same issue or have ideas on how to capture events more accurately?

Do you have cam plus on the camera? You may be running into a cool down period between cloud recordings.

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I have Cam Plus

Are you filtering out events in the event tab? remove all filters to know what all that the camera is capturing.

I would start high and then keep moving the sensitive lower to find your sweet spot between capturing what you want vs trees/branches/etc. You can also use the detection zone to narrow down where you want the pixel detection to focus on. The PIR will wake the camera up then itll start recording. If the detected motion passes the sensitivity and the detection zone it’ll get uploaded to the cloud.

How is the foot traffic approaching the doorbell? The PIR works better catching side to side motion vs straight on. Maybe a re-angle of the doorbell will help the PIR detect earlier.

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Thanks for your reply. The events are not filtered, rather not captured. I can see an event captured every minute of a tree branch movement, but when a person is approaching the door, unless they stand in front of the door for more than few seconds (my current theory).

The camera is angled to the right of the door where the person would walk up the stairs (moving up and right until they start moving directly towards the camera. (I have attached a snippet)

I have tried to cut off the top parts of the tree (about 10 squares up) in the detection zone. Also the sensitivity settings do not seem to impact the person motion. In the smart detection I have person and package turned on.

Could you by chance set up another camera overlooking this area so that we could see from a different angle how the person approaches the porch in relation to the doorbell? I think seeing both of them from a different angle might give us some perspective as to how the doorbell is seeing it and might help, it’s odd that it’s not capturing only people as you say. Do you notice any correlation between windy days and it not capturing people or is it not capturing people at all?

And also, how are you looking for people? Are you only using the filter?