Doorbell Pro Sensitivity/Recording Trigger


There is a delay in recording with the Doorbell Pro. Frequently, it will not start recording until seconds later. See the example that I will attach in the comments. Not sure if this is a sensor limitation or settings that can be adjusted in a future update. I have the sensitivity set to high (5), and do not have a detection zone set up.

For context, this neighbor lives upstairs. Often times the doorbell will not start recording until she is positioned where she is in this video (this is often the case with anyone). My neighbors across the breezeway are not detected a lot of times either, but it is slightly more often than someone coming down the stairs. The camera is mounted exactly 4 feet off the ground. Also, people in the grassy area are rarely, if ever, detected as well.

The detection system in the doorbell pro is PIR based. Just like the WCOs, the vdb pro is in a sleep mode untill the pir detects motion then wakes the camera up. This “wake up” process is usually a second. That may be what’s causing your delay to record. Another reason may be that they are outside of your PIR detection range and dont trigger a recording until they enter the range.


That makes sense. Thanks!