Wyze Doorbell Pro poor sensing

My Wyze Doorbell Pro does not “see” my small dog within a 12ft courtyard right in front of the Wyze Doorbell Pro. I have the Detection Setting on High, Event recording on all Motion and Is Pressed, Notifications all are on and Green. Anyone have any ideas?

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Welcome to the forum @joycelemkin.

This is just a guess, but, it could be that your small dog does not give a large enough heat profile to trigger the PIR sensor in the Video Doorbell Pro’s detection range.

How big is your pup?

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Welcome to the forums! Does the VDBP see your dog when it gets closer than 10 feet? Does your camera see other things like it should?

A 10 lb dachshund. I have Cam Plus and when I check people, pets, pkgs etc, the motion button greys out and still he’s not seen.

It doesn’t matter how close or how far he is from the doorbell pro. He’s still not seen.

The VDBP detects me but it seems like it takes awhile to do so. What is the lag time between being seen and notification or taking a video. Is the lag time the same? Or does it start filming before you get a notification?

The vdb is like the wco where’s there is a pir sensor that wakes up the camera before it starts to record. It shouldnt take that long to start. I just tested mine by letting the cooldown time pass, then stick my hand in front of the camera and start counting up numbers. I got about a second to a second and a half from when I put my hand in front of the camera to when the clip started. As the clip started before I was counting off the 2. And I did have the sensitivity set to high.

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Thanks for your reply but I’m new to this technology and video detectors so I don’t know anything about a wco or pir or how they work. From your reply it sounds like under 2 seconds between motion detection and filming. In light of that, at which point after motion detected or filming do you get a text regarding motion?