Release bricks outdoor cams

I recently, finally, clicked on “Update Firmware” on two of my Outdoor cams. Both cameras were bricked. This is not the first time Wyze firmware updates brick cams. This is pretty poor quality control by Wyze and who knows how much frustration for users and for Wyze helpdesk.
So after bricking a camera, I tried a manual update, by downloading the latest firmware (the same one it was trying to update), put it on the SD card and did the update. It did do the update (Blue+Yellow color, then solid blue), but camera would not pair with base station (which is updated to most recent version). The only reason I did the update was that I wanted Cam Plus and it required a newer firmware.
So I used an older version which I know works (, did the update process and both cameras now pair perfectly.
Honestly I don’t have time to figure out which version works or doesn’t so for a while I’ll stick with this version.

BTW if people don’t know, versions can be found here:
Wyze firmware downloads
and instructions here:
firmware installation instructions

Note to Wyze. Come on!!! How can you do this?!

You’re a little late to the party. was released and suspended on 8 Sept 2021. :upside_down_face:

I might be late to the party, but unfortunately when you hit the update button on the Wyze app, it chose that version, not me.
This is not the first time “automatic” updates have bricked my cameras. Luckily it doesn’t brick the bootstrap loader, so we can try with different versions.

So maybe the update software on the camera shouldn’t just pick the last released version?
Or maybe Wyze should test their releases a little bit more?
Or Wyze should not leave defective versions on its website?

Wyze does make great products and competitively priced.
But their Q&A and support is definitely lacking.

I would agree that if a firmware version is paused/suspended it should not be available for download. I am always suspect, I will never update the firmware on the first day of release, I usually wait 5 or 6 days and check the WYZE News section of this forum to see what kind if any issues the updates have caused. Previously on the app if you downloaded a firmware and had problems with it you could change it back to the previous version, I haven’t seen that in the last few updates??

Interesting. I never saw the option on the app for reverting the version. But the process to do it manually is pretty simple; although when they say the blue and yellow lights are on simultaneously, it might have been better to add that you get a purplish light :slight_smile:
I normally ignore updates via the app for long periods of time. This time I updated because my versions were so old they don’t support cam plus, which I think is a great feature, especially with the special offer Wyze had a month ago, $99/year for 100 cameras. And the AI recognition seems to be working ok.