Refund Cam Plus

How do I get a refund for Cam Plus since my new outdoor cam is not compatible with the Plus app. Should have paid closer attention.


Not sure that would get you a refund.

I had taken 1 subscription. Two hours later, I wanted to take another one but I had to cancelled my first subscription and reorder 2. I have been refunded for the first one. That’s why I made this reply.

To be sure: @WyzeGwendolyn


Thank you it worked.


Thanks for fielding this, @gyzmo!

We look forward to the compatibility with Wyze Cam Outdoor later. Sorry for the trouble!

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I purchased four of the cam plus subscriptions before discovering they didn’t work for the outdoor cameras. Unfortunately, after submitting a request two times with wise I haven’t heard anything on refunds. Now what do I do?

If you look at the post a few above this by @gyzmo you will see where you can cancel

Thanks, received my refund!!

See gyzmo and link, it works.