Reduced insurance premiums for HSM

I sent an email to my insurance agent about getting a reduction on my home owners insurance for installing HSM and this was the response:

Installing a monitored alarm can be a great for personal risk management,
but unfortunately would not reduce your insurance premium.

Has anyone actually received a reduction in your insurance premiums?

Yes, State Farm.

Yes, USAA.


yup. farm bureau insurance.

it doesn’t hurt to shop around roughly yearly. my son is in the process of getting his license. so a male with no driving experience, my house and 2 vehicles, liberty mutual was going to DOUBLE! and no drop in price for HMS. I almost lost my mind.

I talked to my neighbor who does insurance with farm bureau and she worked her magic…it is actually cheaper to have a 16 year old male with no driving experience ( plus better coverage and deductibles on EVERYTHING) ON my insurance through FBI than it was for just me on it through liberty mutual…simply mind blowing…my son will only cost me 40$/ month and throw in on that I think it was a 70$ drop in my home insurance cost because of Wyze HMS. just requested the certificate and emailed it to her and boom. happy camper.

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I saved a whole $3 per year with mine.

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Only with an active monitoring system like simplisafe att etc that uses cellular i case lines are cut during break in

Nice. I’ve been with USAA for over 40 years.