Recovery time after wifi down?

I’ve been overseas, returning back to USA. At the airport I get a message from my Google Nest Wi-Fi saying that the internet is down in my home in the USA. When that happens, many of the rules in place, like turning off the inside lights and turning on the outside lights obliviously won’t work, and attempting to do it manually through the app obliviously won’t work, either - no wifi, no connectivity to Wyze cloud, no way any of this works.

I arrive at home, and the interior lights are on, the outside lights are off - looks like someones home having a party at 2 AM.

I come home, I figure it out - our cleaning crew must have hit the outlet on the UPS. The power brick plugs in sideways to the back of the UPS, down low, and guessing the vacuum hit it. Easy to do - I’ve stretched my leg and accidentally knocked myself offline. Anyway…

Internet (fiber optic) is back. Router is back. Google Nest WiFi come back. Test the app - can successfully turn off interior lights and turn on exterior lights. All good. Except…

The Wyze OG cameras come back within 3 minutes. The Wyze Cam v3 come back after maybe 15 minutes. The wyze outdoor cams do not come back online. The wyze lock gateways do not come back online.

After 90 minutes of waiting (had other things to do anyway - gotta do the laundry, shower, eat), I unplug the outdoor base and plug it back in. I then walk to the 4 different lock gateways. All of them are flashing angry. I unplug them and plug them back in. By the time I get back into my house. the outdoor cams are working and the locks and lock gateways are working.

The next morning the interior lights come back on as scheduled, and the outdoor lights go off as scheduled.

What is the deal with the gateways - locks and outdoor cameras - not getting the wifi restored? Should I have waited another 24 hours and see what happens? Unfortunately, time is not on my side - i leave for Maui in the morning.

Also, once connectivity to the wyze cloud is restored, it would be nice if the rules that tried to run might try to recover. For example, at 2 AM when I had restored wifi and the lights were clearly connected, Would have been cool if the rule that tried to run at sunset 6 hours prior would have tried to execute. Sort of like a text message…if the phone is turned off, you don’t get the texts until you come back online. It would have been nice if the rules ran to turn the inside lights off and the outside lights on without me having to do so manually, since the lights ‘phone home’ to the wyze server to get connectivity restored anyway.