Wifi Off for too long

Hi all

My wifi got disconnected for about 8 hours. It’s back online now, but as a result all my webcams are requiring a power cycle. Unfortunately I’m out of ton.

Strangely, I’m still getting my cam plus events coming through, so I can see events. I just can’t get a live feed, until I power cycle it.

Is this behaviour to be expected, or is it a bug? If it does have some connection to the internet, it would be good if it could somehow be rebooted remotely.

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Not sure if its the camera that needs restarted or your wifi/router. I have never suffered from an outage that long and cannot validate if an expectation or a bug.

Have you tried the restart button in the camera settings?

Assuming that the WiFi really is up, just wait a while. Eventually the cameras will figure out that it’s back and most should reconnect.

Now it gets strange. If events are being recording, it sounds like the cameras really did reconnect to the WiFi. Sounds like maybe the internet or WiFi is performing VERY slowly. Uploading to the Wyze servers is a data transmission and does NOT have to be done at real time speed. So if your internet is barely functioning, the data upload will work, but you will not be able to get a video feed because that DOES need to be in real time speed.
Don’t try to connect to the camera and watch live video, but rather select the camera and immediately hit the gear for settings and attempt to reboot the camera from the app. That won’t help if it’s really the internet that is slow - which I suspect is the case - but it wont hurt to try.

can you attempt going into the settings of individual cameras and hitting restart from the bottom of the settings page?

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