Recording in memory card

I am using micro sd card in my Wyze cam. It’s installed properly (confirmed with ding ding sound). Now I believe it should be recording in a loop and I will be able to rewind back and check the recording in playback but that’s not the case. When I rewind it says no video available. Am I missing anything here ? Anyone faced similar situation and how to resolve it ?

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Welcome to the community @kashishaloksingh , I am a Community Volunteer and will try to help you out here.

After you enter place the SD Card in, you will then need to go to the Device and select Settings from there. Once in the settings area, you will go to advance and toggle the Record to MicroSD Card to on and select either Continuous or Event Only.

Here is an Image

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You are correct. If you have the card set to record continuous, the timeline should be shaded from the start of the recording to the end unless the cam or recording is turned off.

The cam will record over the oldest video files when the card reaches capacity.

Dragging the timeline should allow you to view the older video recorded, however it has been my experience that cams with poor network connectivity will take excessive time to load the video and will show the “No Video” message when trying to load or when it has no network connectivity.

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My V3 stops recording once the SD card is full. I have to reformat each time. Annoying and unreliable.

Hello @PhilippZ . :raising_hand_man: Welcome to the community!

What brand and type of MicroSD card are you using in the camera?

I’m guessing the problem you’re experiencing is a poor quality SD card. I experienced the same issue years ago with my cameras until I started using High Endurance cards. After I switched to HE SD cards my video recording problems went away immediately.

I bought 4 of these 64GB SanDisk High Endurance SD cards last month from Amazon and they are rock solid.

How many days do you get recorded before it starts to record over…typically?

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It varies depending on the amount of traffic. I normally can get around 7 days of HD recording with a 64 GB card, and with the camera set to continuous recording.

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Thank you…I guess I’ll be adding this to my shopping list!


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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