Recording event doesn't include audio


I wanted to record a section of video that was recorded on the Sim card in a Wyze Cam V2. After I saved the clip to the album, I can play it back with audio with no problem inside the Wyze app on my iPhone. I then shared the file. However, once the file is on my PC, I can play the video but only the first few seconds of audio is included. I need the audio section also. What am I doing wrong?

I also noticed if I put the Sim card in my PC I can’t hear the audio either, just view the video.

You may need a different video player on your pc. Some audio codecs aren’t recognized on all players. I’m unsure what audio codec Wyze files are off hand, though.

What video player are you using to play the file on your PC? I normally use VLC and have never had a problem.
BTW, it’s a micro SD card (abbreviated uSD) - not a Sim card. Completely different card with a totally different function.