Recording Cooldown time options for Wyze USB-powered cams

I just setup my new Outdoor Cam and noticed there’s options to set a event recording cooldown period of 1, 3 or 5 minutes. I wish this was an option for the Wyze Cam v2 even with Cam Plus, because without the option Notifications and Event Recordings are excessive during periods of the same person/people passing in front of the camera repeatedly. Examples include the garage camera during times of making several trips to bring in the groceries, or the landscapers mowing the lawn and triggering the cameras each time they go back-and-forth.

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[Mod Note]: This wishlist request is not limited to Cam v2. This wishlist request seeks to add recording cooldown options (currently available for battery-powered cams) to Wyze USB-powered cam models.

Please allow a selection of cool down times as is available in outdoor cam

Cooldown Period for V3 Event Recording

Creating a cooldown period for event recording with options for 1/3 or 5 mins would be very helpful. We had the feature on the Outdoor cams but the v3 cams record events continuously clogging up the daily log and there are circumstances due to our equine student program and pet monitoring needs where we cant limit the camera to only pets but don’t want to continuously record all movement by people either. We also want to capture dog and cats in the house but not ourselves however we do need to monitor for other people in the house so again, we can’t just set the camera to capture pets. Our ideal would be for the house cameras to have a setting for cool down periods after the initial movement is captured similar to the outdoor cams.

This would be helpful for all versions. We have the same issues.

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