Recorded sound very low on Wyze Cam V2

I have the Wyze Cam V2 camera with Firmware When I manually record sound or record via sound detection, the sound volume is very low (and I was talking loudly). I can barely hear it playing back on my phone with media volume maxed. I also copied the video to my PC and played it via VLC player and had to max volume on my PC just to hear it. Is that normal? I have seen reviews where the sound quality was great. I did record in HD.

I’m experiencing this as well. Also hearing a constant crackling sound during playback via the app that isn’t there when viewing the file on my PC.
V2 running firmware, app is running on iOS 12 public beta 2.

I can’t hear anything on my tablet, even with the SD card. I tried today and I don’t hear anything.

Something has changed recently to make both my V1 and my new V2 mic volume really low. Just got V2 today and was wondering why low mic volume. So I tested the V1… it was much lower than before. As OP says, have to be super loud for the hear it on streaming/recording.

Using Android 8.1 with app version 1.4.43 maxed out volume can barely hear it. V2 firmware = V1 firmware = Both are latest at time of this post.