Sonido wyze cam v3

Compré una cámara V3 , la instalé, todo funciona menos el sonido en mi celular,
No puedo escuchar lo que dicen desde la casa. Ellos si me escuchan a mí.

Qué debo hacer ? Uso un samsung S9


[Mod Translation]: Wyze Cam v3 sound

I bought a V3 camera, I installed it, everything works except the sound on my cell phone,
I can’t hear what they say from the house. They do hear me.

What should I do ? I use a samsung S9

Thank you

@alinajimenezg welcome to the user community!

I don’t speak Spanish, so I hope the translator works!

The low volume on the V3 cam was reported to Wyze in the past. Here is their last update on the issue:

@alinajimenezg ¡bienvenida a la comunidad de usuarios!

No hablo español, ¡así que espero que el traductor funcione!

El bajo volumen en la cámara V3 se informó a Wyze en el pasado. Aquí está su última actualización sobre el tema:

The newest firmware was supposed to have addressed this issue. Make sure you have the latest Firmware.

Se suponía que el firmware más nuevo había solucionado este problema. Asegúrese de tener el firmware más reciente.

Wyze Cam v3 Firmware (April 25, 2022)

Wyze Cam v3:

  • Improved logs for accessory product firmware update failure
  • Adjusted the audio priority for camera features
  • Fixed an image quality bug that produced a strobing effect
  • Fixed a bug that caused a reboot after pairing Wyze Cam v3 for the first time

Cámara Wyze v3:

  • Registros mejorados para errores de actualización de firmware de productos accesorios
  • Ajustó la prioridad de audio para las funciones de la cámara.
  • Se corrigió un error de calidad de imagen que producía un efecto estroboscópico
  • Se corrigió un error que causaba un reinicio después de emparejar Wyze Cam v3 por primera vez
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Could this be responsible for my issue where the audio in the recorded events has echo / distortion / is overdone (I don’t know what to call it)?
I have no issue with sounds in the live view but in the event recordings, it sounds bad. I had this same issue before with the v2 but my workaround was to screen-record the events in the app on my phone ,and the sound was fine. Now it is bad in the recordings too. Here is a video, first comes the “new” sound, then what it sounds like in the live view. The Playback sound is also not perfect, the pitches seem too high but not as bad as the event recordings. Best sound is liveview screen-recorded. This has just started to happen a couple of days ago, it worked fine since I installed the cam in February.

Great cam placement! Loving the video product!

I would only be guessing in saying “maybe?”. I haven’t worked with sound codecs since Windows Vista in 2006 and never with streaming or P2P. Any ideas below are just SWAGS (Scientific Wild @$$ Guess)

I don’t know what the FW updated \ upgraded \ prioritized with the sound. That quote from the FW update page is all the technical information available to me. And, just because it is there in the update doesn’t mean Wyze got it right. There are certainly other posts in the forums discussing sound quality on the V3.

If the live view sounds fine, but the cloud Event playback doesn’t, just guessing there is an issue with the sound priority or codec on the stream.
If you have experienced a degradation in sound quality as a result of a FW Update, chances are others have too but just don’t know it yet. Luckily there are a ton of @Beta testers and smart @Mavens who love to put Wyze IoT thru the ringer to test it.

What does the sound quality go to if you download the entire event video from the cloud then play it locally?

What does the sound quality do if played back from the SD Card? I will assume you do since this is the only place that screen recording from the video is an option.

This would be something I would document in all the different scenarios and then submit a ticket to Wyze with a cam log file #; the date, time, and time zone of the affected recording so they can pull it from the server and listen; and a full description of how the audio acts under all the testing scenarios.

I tagged in the big guns above (betas and mavens) so don’t be surprised if they start posting in as I am out of suggestions or ideas.

Good Luck!

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Thank you! When I download the video event, it sounds the same, which is why I used to screen-record from my phone in the past. If I play back from the SD card the sound is better than in the event recordings but still too high-pitched (it also kind of defeats paying for the event recordings if you still have to go through the SD card.). The playback feels a bit more like it is editable though. Since the live stream sounds good and things worked before (also in Tiny Cam Pro), I do not think it is the camera. I hope someone has suggestions. The babies will not be here forever, and I can modify before the next brood.

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Bump. The support chat person told me to use RouteThis to check my network, and I did and removed some things to help but the sound is still the same this morning. Is there a way to put the older FW back on the camera somehow?

Yes. There is a way to flash the firmware back to an older version using the SD card.

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Thank you. I will try that once the babies have fledged and I will maintain the box. Unless something changes. For the time being, I will just screen-record the live view. The audio in the playback stream is also not perfect, too high-pitched, so the best and most authentic video and audio is lifted directly from the live view. Hopefully there will be a remedy for this soon.

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I checked some of the “sound event” recordings this morning, and they sound perfect. The sound is only bad in the video recordings.

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Little update here, I ended up going back to the previous FW, and the issue has disappeared. However, now I cannot seem to do timelapse videos anymore :expressionless:

Arrgh! :imp: That’s just trading one stinking :skunk:problem for another! I wonder if going back farther would fix both. I don’t use timelapse, so I can’t really troubleshoot that.

I do recall a bunch of posts regarding problems with that though… Here is a search list:

I just read that too. I successfully did timelapses with this FW before so I am not sure what is going on.

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