V3 audio on cam speaker inaudible w/Android s/w v2.22.12

Two-Way Audio for Wyze Cam v3, cam audio output is inaudible.

Known problem? Or should I attempt to return for a replacement. TIA

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I have similar issues. I have 2 cams in the same area, one V2 and the other one V3. If there is music playing I can hear it on the V2 cam, but nothing on the V3. Any conversation happening, the V3 sound is so bad it’s impossible to hear what is being said - the sound cuts in and out.

There are other threads that describe bad static on the V3 audio too. I would say it’s a known problem.

I have a V2 as well with similar issues, but it’s been so long since I tried to test the V2 audio, I need to test it again to be fair. Thanks