Can't hear audio on wyze cam v2

Wyze cam v2

Hi guys,

I’ve got 3 of these cams in my home and all work but one. My one camera I can see video and am able to speak to it but if I drop into the room where the camera is in, wether it is the live feed or watching playback, I get no audio.

Recorded audio is switched to on and the sound is enabled on this cameras specific one.

What am I missing here? I’ve got the other two cameras setup properly and work fine.

Need some help please.

Hey there,

Are you saying that when you are in the room you cannot hear the speaker? If so, the cameras try to prevent echoing so that may be why.


Thanks for the reply.

Quite the opposite; I have the camera on another floor. When I am in another room on another floor, if I go into the app and want to watch the live stream, I get great video but no sound.

I’ve restarted the app and the camera but still the same result. The camera also has the latest firmware upgrade. I know it should work because my other cameras let me hear what’s going on.

Thanks in advance!