Recorded playbacks are 2 times faster speed

I have one V3 camera that suddenly started making the recorded playback videos go 2 times faster. I have Cam Plus on it. I have another V3 with Cam Plus and this does not happen on it. I need these videos to be regular speed as I have caught some possible thieves on them and need to send them to the police.

How can it get fixed?

Do you also have an SD card recording the events and is the playback on that also fast? Can you record the event from the SD card?

Try rebooting your phone (and camera) first to ensure that there isn’t something interfering with the playback in some way.

Try downloading the event. Is it still faster when you play the downloaded video?

It’s possible there was something causing missing frames to be recorded. For example, during a troubleshooting event, I was informed that sometimes a bad connection can cause the camera to have dropped frames, and if the playback then still plays the video back at the normal frames per second speed, it will make the recording look like it is going extra fast because the missing frames are skipped, and replaced with the existing frames. Therefore if an average of half the frames were dropped, then the video would play twice as fast as it would have if it had all the frames (twice as many frames).

To offset this problem, you could open the downloaded video on a program like VLC media player and tell it to playback the video at half speed: 0.5x speed, or some of them will let you choose how many frames per second to play it at. If it was a daytime video that normally records at 20fps, and you’re seeing it in double speed, then you try to set the video player to play at 10FPS (half the speed it would’ve normally recorded in) and it should now appear to play in regular speed like you want. If it was a night video and you have night vision and the IR turn on, then it would normally record in 15fps, so you could try setting it to 7-8fps and hopefully that fixes it to regular speed for you.

Also, with some video players like VLC, you can just move your cursor to view one frame a time and take a screenshot of the best pictures. Afterall, a video is already just a whole bunch of single, still pictures that are flashed to you really quickly, so you can just look at the individual frames to grab the best picture to help identify them. It partially depends how far away they were and how fast they were moving (if they’re too blurry) or how much light there was, etc.

Best of luck! I hope you can get the video to come in clearly.

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Also, whatever you do, download or make copies of the available videos right away. Cloud based recordings only stick around 14 days and SD card recordings may get overwritten at any time.

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I have been soo busy that it took until today but I unplugged the camera and let it sit for a couple minutes. I plugged it back in and the playbacks are at regular speed again for all the new recordings but the ones from earlier are still fast. At least it is fixed.

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I’m glad that fixed it (for future videos)! Check it again both during the daytime and nighttime for a couple of days just to make sure it stays that way.