Events play too fast

When I play back the 12 second clips it plays in a fast forward mode. How can I get it to play at normal speed.

Thats the first time Ive seen this one. Ive never had this issue. Can you perhaps download the video and upload it here?

I just tried to upload an event but it says new users can’t do that.

You could try to upload it to google drive or something then share the link. That should be possible.

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If you send the link to me, I could post it under this thread so we can see what is happening.

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Matt, I upped your forum trust level. You can now post a video.

Thanks for upping my level of access. The people walking are actually walking at a normal speed but the video makes them look as if they are speed walking. You can see the seconds count faster then normal on the bottom right.

Yes, and the timestamp for the 12 second video starts at m:10 and ends at m:34 for a total of 24 seconds played back in 12.

I remember this glitch being reported before on occasion but I’m afraid I don’t remember the solution. The first things I’d try are to power cycle the camera and force-restart the app. If that doesn’t work, factory reset the camera (see Support link, top right).

If none of that works and you can’t find what other people did to fix it by searching the forum, then I’d suggest submitting a support request (Account > Help & Feedback section of the app).

Just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. Good news is a reset of the camera worked. Hoping updates don’t send it to fast forward mode again.

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