Record short video and upload - Where does it go?

I have a cam-outdoor and an Arlo video doorbell. I set up an IFTTT when the Arlo detects motion the Wyze Cam will “record a short video and upload”. The Wyze cam has an SD card. It does not have Cam Plus. I dropped it because I found it to be inaccurate. The Wyze Cam doesn’t trigger motion fast enough which is why I’m trying this IFTT. I get a confirmation that the IFTT has run but I don’t see the Wyze recordings anywhere. What am I missing?

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“Upload a short video to the cloud” goes to the Events tab with the other event recordings. It should be labeled “Automation” rather than “Motion”.

I doubt this will speed up the camera. The reason the Outdoor Camera takes longer to capture a recording is because it has to wake up to do it. Now you’ve added the IFTTT delay to that. So it should take longer.

A more effective way would be to swap your Outdoor Camera for a V3 that is powered all the time.

Ok, well the videos are not showing up in the Events tab so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Thanks for your input.

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Are you filtering your event videos in the event tab any way? Remove all filters for troubleshooting.

So ifttt says the applet ran, but any thing on the Wyze side indicate it worked? Does the status light on the camera light up when its supposed to take a short video?


The SD card in your cam will not have any videos on it even if it records events, If the cam records events an event video would be on the events page and a copy of it would be on the SD card in the base if you had one in there and back up to base turned. Maybe you should try scheduled event recording to the SD card in the camera. I have no idea if that will work with IFTT and the way you have it set up now.

Yes, that was it. Filters were set for Motion. Once I turned that off all Automation events turned up.
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Dead Link!!!

Directions for scheduled recording on WCO.

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