Adding Outdoor v2 only makes 0s events

Added a refurbished outdoor v2 wireless to Cam plus and it only records 0 s (zero second) motions, so basically just a photo. I’ve spoken to help chat and email support, tried everything they suggested:

clear cache
Unassign camera
Hard reboot
Log out of app
Add it back

Nothing changes-log says it won’t upload video to the cloud. I have sent in several logs.

I have full bars on camera device and app devices. I’ve used WiFi and cell network, no change. Even right next to base station it doesn’t work.

About a year ago I added an indoor wireless to Cam plus and had the same thing happen, it would record a sound video but only log a photo in the event.

Back then, After much back and forth for weeks with Wyze that camera suddenly started working - someone on the Wyze side did something I think to accept the newly added camera.

I can’t seem to get anyone to think of anything new in support so trying this forum… Any ideas? Thank you

This is a pretty common issue with Wyze cameras, and usually is caused by network issues, but sometimes it seems to just randomly do it.

Usually restarting the camera fixes it. Try turning the physical switch on the camera off for 10 seconds, and see if future events don’t have this issue.

Also, make sure your firmware is up to date