Reconnecting Sense Hub to wifi

My Sense Hub has been working fine - with 17 various devices connected to it - for quite a while. Then recently the internet was offline for a while, and when it came back up everything reconnected OK except the hub and (of course) everything connected through it.

The three lights are flashing but not connecting. I’ve tried rebooting the wifi router a few times but no joy there.

SO … what do I do next? Do I have to delete and start over from scratch? Will that mean having to reconnect all 17 devices individually? That would be a huge PITA as they’re scattered all over the house and glued to windows and doors and such.

By the way, don’t know if this is related or not, but I did let my home monitoring subscription expire, not sure if that has taken effect yet.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Not sure how the hub reacts when the sub expires, doubt that creates this issue though.

You also shouldn’t have to do a reinstall. Have you done a soft reboot of the hub? Hold in on the reset button just long enough for the lights to change pattern reboot the hub?

Even if it doesn’t work, don’t delete the hub from the app. If you do have to do a reinstall, you might be able to just refresh the network login credentials by doing the setup with it still in place and all your sensors still installed.

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes I’ve tried the soft reboot, getting the three lights cycling. And tried holding down the button even longer till something else happened, can’t remember exactly what, but then the lights just started cycling again. Never could figure out how to get it to power off completely because when I unplug it, it says it’s on battery power.

How do I initiate a reconnect without deleting? Just do a regular device add, and add this one, and see what happens? Hmm, can’t be any harm in that … I’ll try it.

If you did that, you may have initiated a hard reset and now need to go thru the setup install process again.

Tap the reset button once. If you hear “ready to connect” you can run the setup in the app again.

The hub just reverts to being an automation center for the sensors. I let my subscription expire some time ago and door and motion sensors continue to work, the door chime (for the two doors I enabled) continues to chime when the doors open. You just lose the HMS functions and the ability to change the door chime settings.


Thanks @WildBill! Wasn’t sure if the hub went thru any digital gymnastics or if it was just the loss in the app function.

Back in business! Just added it and it worked fine, sees all the same devices, everything is back to normal. Thanks all!

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WooHoo! :raised_hands: :tada:

Glad it’s all back! If you have any questions about using it without the HMS Subscription, @WildBill is the man to ask!

Thanks! I’ve been using another one without a subscription at another house for a while, no problems at all so far with that.

While I’ve got a bunch of very helpful folks on the line, here’s another one. Any idea how to find a leak sensor that’s gone walkabout? It shows as online and “normal” but I can’t find it – it’s not under the upstairs guest room toilet where it’s supposed to be, so I’m imagining a guest did something clever with it, even though it was clearly marked “Leak Sensor - Do Not Remove!”

They don’t have any sort of built-in beeper or anything like that, do they?

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That’s going to be a tough one to find since they don’t have any audible chime.

Since the sensors are RF, they are detectible by their electromagnetic radiation signature.

Most modern cell phones have the ability to detect this using their native sensors.

You can use an app like Hidden Devices Detector (spy bug sweeper 007 stuff :rofl:) and watch the microTesla (μT) scan results. When I get near a sensor it starts rising from the mid 20’s thru the 30’s up to the mid 40’s when I am right on top of it.

It is going to be a bit more difficult if you have lots of sensors around.

Nice, thanks. I wonder if the tiny little Tesla matchbox car I’ve got on my desk will set it off.

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If it’s powered. It should. Only one way to find out!