Recognizing and understanding Doors

Mapping seems to be very precise, but it appears there is just 1 or 2 types of objects it recognizes. It definitely understands walls, and appears to in some cases understand other objects inside a room that somewhat obstruct view but aren’t permanent. What I think would be very beneficial is if the Vacuum understood how doors worked. If one day it was able to pass through this 3-4 foot pathway, and right now or looks solid, probably a door. And if it seems it half open one time it can get the exact dimensions of the door and how it swings open (currently each time it sees the door at a different position it remaps it as a new wall and tries to adjust the whole map to that

Mapping that can let the Vacuum understand that if it is sent to clean some room across the other side of the house, but it runs into a closed door, it’s not like a wall was built all of the sudden and it should update the map saying that room is not accessible, but the door was left closed and it should alert the user that the door was closed and cleaning was not possible. Also if it knew the way the door swung open, in some cases it would be able to gently push the door out of the way if it was left unlocked but not open wide enough, or to just clean better around the door area. The robot could also wait outside of the zone where the door swung if it sent an alert to the user and maybe the user said they are about to open the door.

Also understanding where doors are would really improve the auto-room-splitting feature, adjusting the room boundary to be exactly where the door is (as opposed to a different place along a skinny hallway leading to the same room for example)

Finally, in the future it would be really cool if you can also specify in the app which Wyze sense sensors each door maps to, so the vacuum can even alert you ahead of a scheduled cleaning to make sure you remember to open a door that is currently obstructing it’s path.

This is a fantastic suggestion and would solve one of my only frustrations with the vacuum so far

Well said! I had this problem too; and I had to make a little no go areas on the inside of doors in several rooms to keep the vacuum from closing the door then getting trapped inside the room.