Having issue with glass walls

I own an older mid-century home with floor to ceiling glass walls and an interior atrium. The vacuum map suggests the software considers parts of the back yard to and the outdoor atrium to be extensions of rooms. I suggest an editing feature, perhaps similar to virtual walls, that lets the user sharply define the exterior boundaries of the floor plan. My vacuum seems obsessed with trying to find it’s way to the pool!

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The vacuum has a bumper with sensors on the front so it should detect this during the perimeter mapping. It may give a small tap, but will not ram into the wall. the LIDAR sensor does not detect glass as a wall, this is why it’s happening. I know mine thought that a sliding glass door was an entrance to another room, but then it did it’s perimeter mapping and it now knows that it’s not.

Does it still ram into the wall even with the sensor?

You should add this to the #wishlist!

I have this problem as well with some glass doors in my office. For the first few times mapping, I put some cardboard along the glass because I saw it wouldn’t recognize the glass and also reflected and caused some weird boundaries. I definitely think your idea of manually editing walls would be great!

I will once I figure how, or where, to put a wishlist in!

Since the glass walls set the boundary, there is a secondary problem: when selecting a room(s) to be cleaned that are on the other side of the U-shaped layout, the vacuum tries find a passage through the atrium, and after failing returns to the charger. Only by selecting the whole house can the vacuum find the opposite wing of rooms. I may have to return this contraption.

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Have you tried using the quick mapping option? That new feature worked for two of my problem areas.

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Quick mapping: is the in the beta version of the app? I don’t see it.

It might be a beta only feature but it’s awesome! Instead of cleaning as it goes, the robot does a quick run through the whole area with the vacuum off. It does preliminary mapping of the room without doing the bump and turn along the walls. It mapped my entire office in about 20 minutes. After I set all the rooms, I told it to clean the entire office and left for the night. When I came back the next day, the map had all the fine details I’ve seen before.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t have a problem with the glass doors this time. I wonder if there was some other tuning in the most recent update?

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